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Articles in Academic Journals with Reading Committees, by year.


Beaudet, C.; Tardieu, L.; David, M.
Are citizens willing to accept changes in public lighting for biodiversity conservation?
To be published in: Ecological Economics, (2022).

Bjørnåvold, A.; David, M.; Bohan, D.A.; Gibert, C.; Rousselle, J.M.; Van Passel, S.
Why does France not meet its pesticide reduction targets? Farmers' socio-economic trade-offs when adopting agroecological practices
in : Ecological Economics, (2022), vol. 198. art 107440. 28 p.
More information

Bougherara, D.; Courtois, P.; David, M.; Weill, J.
Spatial preferences for invasion management: a choice experiment on controlling Ludwigia grandiflora in a French regional park
in : Biological Invasions, (2022), 21 p.
More information

Chakir, R.;Thomas, A.
Unintended Consequences of Environmental Policies: the Case of Set-aside and Agricultural Intensification
To be published in : Environmental Modeling and Assessment, (2022). 22 p.
More information

Marette, S.
Ecological and/or Nutritional Scores for Food Traffic-Lights: Results of an Online Survey Conducted on Pizza in France
in : Sustainability, (2022), vol. 14, n° 1. 23 p.
More information

Marette, S.
Open questions about local food
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2022), vol. 103, n° 1. pp. 91-96.
More information



Bamière, L.; Jayet, P.A.; Kahindo, S.; Martin, E.
Carbon sequestration in French agricultural soils: A spatial economic evaluation
in : Agricultural Economics, (2021) vol.52, n° 2. pp. 301-316.
More information

Barberis, D.; Chiadmi, I.; Humblot, P.; Jayet, P.A.; Lungarska, A.; Ollier, M.
Climate Change and Irrigation Water: Should the North/South Hierarchy of Impacts on Agricultural Systems Be Reconsidered?
in : Environmental Modeling & Assessment, (2021), vol. 26. pp. 13-36.
More information

Bareille, F.; Zavalloni, M.; Raggi, M.; Viaggi, D.
Cooperative Management of Ecosystem Services: Coalition Formation, Landscape Structure and Policies
in : Environmental and Resource Economics, (2021), 34 p.
More information

Bayramoglu, B.; Jacques, J.F.
Is Clean Development Always Possible? The Role of Environmental Policy in Developing Countries in the Presence of Aggregate Demand Spillovers
To be published in : Environmental Modeling & Assessment, (2021). 15 p.
More information

Cairns, R.D.; Martinet, V.
Growth and long-run sustainability
in : Environment and Development Economics, (2021), vol. 26, n° 4. pp. 381-402.
More information

Dakpo, K. Hervé ;Latruffe, Laure;Desjeux, Yann;Jeanneaux, Philippe
Latent Class Modelling for a Robust Assessment of Productivity: Application to French Grazing Livestock Farms
in : Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2021), 22 p.
More information

Delacote, P.; Lobianco, A.; Caurla, S.; Bontemps, J.D.; Lungarska, A.; Mérian, P.; Rivière, M.; Barkaoui, A.
The Loop Effect: How Climate Change Impacts the Mitigation Potential of the French Forest Sector
in : Journal of Forest Economics, (2021), vol. 36, n° 3. pp. 201-264.
More information

Delame, N.
Revenus agricoles et non agricoles des agriculteurs de 2003 à 2016
Farm income and non-farm income of farmers from 2003 to 2016
in : Economie rurale, (2021), n° 378. pp. 77-95
More information

Desbois, D.
Applying interval PCA and clustering to quantile estimates: empirical distributions of fertilizer cost estimates for yearly crops in European Countries
in : Communications in Statistics: Case Studies, Data Analysis and Applications, (2021), 22p.
More information

Dorinet, E.; Jouvet, P.A.; Wolfesberger, J.
Is the agricultural sector cursed too? Evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa
To be published in : World Development, (2021). art. 105250. 16 p.
More information

Gouel, Christophe; Laborde, David
The crucial role of domestic and international market-mediated adaptation to climate change
in :  Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, (2021), vol. 106, art. 102408. 26 p.
More information

Guenet, B.; Gabrielle, B.; Chenu, C.; Arrouays, D.; Balesdent, J.; Bernoux, M.; Bruni, E.; Caliman, J.P.; Cardinael, R.; Chen, S.; Ciais, P.; Desbois D.; Fouché, J.; Frank, S.; Henault, C.; Lugato; E.; Naipal, V.; Nesme, T.; Obersteiner, M.; Pellerin, S.; Powlson, D.; Rasse, D.; Rees, F.; Soussana, J.F.; Su, Y.; Tian, H.; Valin, H.; Zhou, F.
Can N2O emissions offset the benefits from soil organic carbon storage?
in :  Global Change Biology, (2021), vol.27, n° 2. pp. 237-256.
More information

Isbasoiu, A.; Jayet, P.A.; De Cara, S.
Increasing food production and mitigating agricultural greenhouse gas emissions in the European Union: impacts of carbon pricing and calorie production targeting
in : Environmental Economics and Policy Studies, (2021), vol. 23. pp. 409-440.
More information

Lambotte, Mathieu; De Cara, Stephane; Brocas, Catherine; Bellassen, Valentin
Carbon footprint and economic performance of dairy farms: the case of protected designation of origin dairy farms in France
in : Agricultural Systems, (2021), vol. 186. 12 p.
More information

Levrel, H.; Martinet, V.
Ecological Economists: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly?
in : Ecological Economics, (2021), vol. 179. 4 p.
More information

Marette, S.
Sustainability and Consumer Willingness to Pay for Legumes: A Laboratory Study with Lentils
in : Sustainability, (2021), vol. 13, n° 6, art. 3048. 16 p.
More information

Marette, S.; Beghin, J.; Disdier, A.C.; Mojduszka, E.
Can foods produced with new plant engineering techniques succeed in the marketplace? A case study of apples
To be published in : Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, (2021)
More information

Marette, S.; Disdier, A.C.; Beghin, J.C.
A Comparison of EU and US consumers’ willingness to pay for gene-edited food: Evidence from apples
To be published in : Appetite (2021), art. 105064. 56 p.
More information

Marette, S.; Guéraud, F.; Pierre, F.
Regulation and Consumer Interest in an Antioxidant-Enriched Ham Associated with Reduced Colorectal Cancer Risks
Réglementation et intérêt des consommateurs pour un jambon enrichi en antioxydants associé à la réduction des risques de cancer colorectal
in : Nutrients, (2021), vol. 13, n° 5. art. 1542. 22 p.
More information

Martin, C.; Lange, C.; Marette, S.
Importance of additional information, as a complement to information coming from packaging, to promote meat substitutes: A case study on a sausage based on vegetable proteins
To be published in : Food Quality and Preference, (2021), vol. 87, art 104058. 9 p.
More information

Piet, L.; Chatellier, V.; Delame, N.; Jeanneaux, P.; Laroche-Dupraz, C.; Ridier, A.; Veysset, P.
Mesurer le revenu des exploitations agricoles françaises : analyse comparée sur 15 ans d’indicateurs issus du Rica et de la MSA
Measuring the income of French farms: A 15-year comparative analysis of indicators from Rica and MSA
in : Economie rurale, (2021), n° 378. pp. 37-56.
More information

Saint-Eve A.; Irlinger, F.; Pénicaud, C.; Souchon,I.; Marette, S.
Consumer preferences for new fermented food products that mix animal and plant protein sources
in : Food Quality and Preference, (2021), art 104117, 13 p.
More information

Batista Soares, D.; Borocco, E.
Rational destabilization in commodity markets
To be published in : Journal of Commodity Markets, (2021). 34 p. Art. 100190
More information

Zelingher, R.; Makowski, D.; Brunelle, T.
Assessing the Sensitivity of Global Maize Price to Regional Productions Using Statistical and Machine Learning Methods
in : Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems, (2021), vol. 5. 11 p.
More information



Arribas, I.; Louhichi, K.; Perni, A.; Vila, J.; Gomez y Paloma, S.
Modelling agricultural risk in a large scale positive mathematical programming model
Modélisation du risque agricole dans un modèle de programmation mathématique positive à grande échelle
in : International Journal of Computational Economics and Econometrics, (2020), vol. 10, n° 1. pp. 2-32.
More information

Ay, J.S.;Gozlan, E.
Disease dispersion as a spatial interaction: The case of Flavescence Dorée
in : Natural Resource Modeling, (2020), vol. 33, n° 3, art. e12265. 29 p.
More information

Bareille, F.; Dupraz, P.
Productive Capacity of Biodiversity: Crop Diversity and Permanent Grasslands in Northwestern France
in : Environmental and Resource Economics, (2020), vol. 77. pp. 365-399
More information

Bareille, F.; Gohin, A.
Simulating the Market and Environmental Impacts of French Pesticide Policies: A Macroeconomic Assessment
in : Annals of Economics and Statistics, (2020), n° 139. pp. 1-28.
More information

Bareille, F.; Zavalloni, M.
Decentralisation of agri-environmental policy design
Décentralisation de la conception des politiques agro-environnementales
in : European Review of Agricultural Economics, (2020), First online. pp.1-29.
More information

Bayramoglu, B.; Chakir, R.; Lungarska, A.
Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems in France
in : Environmental Modeling & Assessment,(2020), vol. 25, n° 2. pp. 147-172.
More information

Ben Fradj, N; Jayet, P.A.; Rozakis, S.; Georganta, E.; Jedrejek, A.
Contribution of agricultural systems to the bioeconomy in Poland: Integration of willow in the context of a stylised CAP diversification
in : Land Use Policy, (2020), vol. 99. 24 p.
More information

Bourgeon, J.M.; Picard, P.
Insurance law and incomplete contracts
in : Rand Journal of Economics, (2020), vol. 51, n° 4. pp. 1253-1286.
More information

Chèze, B.; Chevallier, J.; Berghmans, N.; Alberola, E.
On the CO2 emissions determinants during the EU ETS Phases I and II: a plant–level analysis merging the EUTL and Platts power data
in : Energy Journal, (2020), vol. 41, n° 4. pp.153–184
More information

Chèze, B.;David, M.;Martinet, V.
Understanding farmers' reluctance to reduce pesticide use: A choice experiment
in : Ecological Economics, (2020), vol. 167. 14 p.
More information

Ciaian, P.; Espinosa, M.; Louhichi, K.; Perni, A.
Farm Level Impacts of Trade Liberalisation and CAP Removal Across EU: An Assessment using the IFM-CAP Model
Impacts au niveau de l'exploitation agricole de la libéralisation du commerce et de l'élimination de la PAC à travers l'UE: une évaluation utilisant le modèle IFM-CAP
in : The German Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2020), vol. 69, n° 2. pp. 108-126.

de Gavelle, E.; Leroy, P.; Perrimon, M.; Huneau, J.F.; Sirot, V.; Orset, C.; Fouillet, H.; Soler, L.G.; Mariotti, F.
Modeled gradual changes in protein intake to increase nutrient adequacy lead to greater sustainability when systematically targeting an increase in the share of plant protein
in : Climatic Change, (2020), vol. 161. pp. 129-149.
More information

De Sousa, J. C.; Disdier, A.-C.; Gaigné, C.
Export decision under risk
Décision d’exportation en environnement risqué
in : European Economic Review, (2020), vol. 121. 23 p. art. 103342
More information

El Akkari, M.; Ferchaud, F.; Strullu, L.; Shield, I.; Perrin, A.; Drouet, J.L.; Jayet, P.A.; Gabrielle, B.
Using a Crop Model to Benchmark Miscanthus and Switchgrass
in : Energies, (2020), vol. 13, n°15, art. 3942. 22 p.
More information

Espinosa, M.; Louhichi, K.; Perni, A.; Ciaian, P.
EU-Wide Impacts of the 2013 CAP Direct Payments Reform: A Farm-Level Analysis
in : Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy, (2020), 42, n° 4. pp. 695-715.
More information

Gésan-Guiziou, G.; Alaphilippe, A.; Aubin, J.; Bockstaller, C.; Boutrou, R.; Buche, P.; Collet, C.; Girard, A.; Martinet, V.; Membré, J.M.; Sabbadin, R.; Thiollet-Scholtus, M.; van der Werf, H.M.G.
Diversity and potentiality of multi-criteria decision analysis methods for agri-food research
in : Agronomy for Sustainable Development, (2020), vol. 40, n° 6. 11 p.
More information

Gouel, C.
The Value of Public Information in Storable Commodity Markets: Application to the Soybean Market
La valeur de l'information publique dans les marchés de matières premières stockables: Application au marché du soja
in : American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2020), vol. 102, n° 3. pp. 846-865.
More information

Hardy, P.Y.; Dray, A.; Cornioley, T.; David, M.; Sabatier, R.; Kernes, E.; Souchere, V.
Public policy design: Assessing the potential of new collective Agri-Environmental Schemes in the Marais Poitevin wetland region using a participatory approach
in : Land Use Policy, vol. 97. art. 104724. 12 p.
More information

Jayet, P.A.; Isbasoiu, A.; De Cara, S.
Slaughter cattle to secure food calories and reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions? Some prospective estimates for France
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020). 24 p.
More information

Lambotte, M.; De Cara, S.; Bellassen, V.
Once a quality-food consumer, always a quality-food consumer? Consumption patterns of organic, label rouge, and geographical indications in French scanner data
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020)vol. 101, n° 1. pp. 147-172
More information

Lemarié, S.; Orozco, V.; Butault, J.P.; Musolesi, A.; Simioni, M.; Schmitt, B.
Assessing the long-term impact of agricultural research on productivity: Evidence from France
in : European Review of Agricultural Economics, (2020), vol. 47, n° 4. pp. 1559-1586.
More information

Marette, S.
Editorial for the special issue on “the economics and sociology of the food-health-environment Nexus”
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020). 4 p.
More information

Marette, S.
News and views on meat: a brief introduction
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020), vol. 101. 2 p.
More information

Marette, S., Le Velly, R.
Editorial: news and views from the RAFE
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020), vol. 101. 2 p.
More information

Marette, S.; Requillart, V.
Dietary Models and Challenges for Economics
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020). 18 p.
More information

Orset, C.; Monnier, M.
How do lobbies and NGOs try to influence dietary behaviour?
in : Review of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Studies, (2020), vol. 101. pp. 47-66.
More information

Patouillard, L.; Lorne, D.; Collet, P.; Bulle, C.; Margni , M.
Prioritizing regionalization to enhance interpretation in consequential life cycle assessment: Application to alternative transportation scenarios using partial equilibrium economic modeling
Priorité à la régionalisation pour améliorer l'interprétation dans l'analyse du cycle de vie conséquentielle : Application à des scénarios de transport alternatifs à l'aide d'un modèle économique d'équilibre partie
in : International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, (2020), vol. 25, n° 12. pp. 2325-2341.
More information

Poquet, D.; Ginon, E. ; Sénécal, C.; Chabanet, C. ; Marette, S.; Issanchou, S. ; Monnery-Patris, S.
Effect of a pleasure-oriented intervention on the nutritional quality of midafternoon snacks and on the relationship between food liking and perceived healthiness within mother-child dyads
in : Food A Quality and Preference, (2020), vol. 84. art.103947.
More information

Saidi M.; Ay J.S.; Marette S; Martin C.
Willingness-To-Pay for Reshuffling Geographical Indications
in : Journal of Wine Economics, (2020), vol. 15, n° 1. pp. 95-111.
More information

Tola Losa, E.; Arjomandi, A.; Dakpo, K.H.; Bloomfield, J.
Efficiency comparison of airline groups in Annex 1 and non-Annex 1 countries: A dynamic network DEA approach
in : Transport Policy, (2020), vol. 99. pp. 163-174.
More information

Wu, H.; Marette, S.
Local and Global Welfare When Regulating Organic Products: Should Local Regulation Target Production or Consumption?
in : Sustainbility, (2020),vol. 12, n° 14. Art. 5492. 19 p.
More information



Aubert, D.; Chiroleu-Assouline, M.
Environmental tax reform and income distribution with imperfect heterogeneous labour markets
in : European Economic Review, (2019), vol. 116. pp. 60-82.
More information

Bayramoglu, B.
Price interactions between wild and farmed products: Turkish sea bass and sea bream markets
Interactions de prix entre les produits sauvage et cultivé : Les marchés de bar et de dorade en Turquie
in : Aquaculture Economics and Management, (2019), vol. 23, n° 1. pp. 111-132.
More information

Bayramoglu, B., Chakir, R., Lungarska, A.
Impacts of Land Use and Climate Change on Freshwater Ecosystems in France
in : Environmental Modeling and Assessment, (2019), vol. 25, n° 2. pp. 147-172.
More information

Bellora, C.; Bourgeon, J. M.
Food trade and biodiversity effects
in : International Economic Review, (2019), vol. 60, n° 4. pp. 1957-1999.
More information

Bureau, J.-C.; Guimbard, H.; Jean, S.
Agricultural Trade Liberalisation in the 21st Century: Has It Done the Business?
in : Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2019), vol. 70, n° 1. pp. 3-25
More information

Bureau, J.C.; Guimbard, H.; Jean, S.
Competing liberalizations: tariffs and trade in the twenty-first century
in : Review of World Economics, (2019), vol. 70, n° 1. pp. 3-25.
More information

Castellari, E. ; Marette, S. ; Moro, D. ; Sckokai, P.
Can menu labeling affect away-from-home-dietary choices?
Un label affiché sur les menus peut il modifier les choix alimentaires et la nutrition
in : Bio-based and Applied Economics, (2019), vol. 7, n° 3. pp. 249-243.
More information

Castellari, E. ; Marette, S. ; Moro, D. ; Sckokai, P.
The Impact of Information on Willingness to Pay and Quantity Choices for Meat and Meat Substitute
in : Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, (2019), vol. 17, n° 1.
More information

Castellari, E.; Ricci, E. C.; Stranieri, S.; Marette, S.; Sarnataro, M.; Soregaroli, C.
Relationships Between Health and Environmental Information on the Willingness to Pay for Functional Foods: The Case of a New Aloe Vera Based Product
Impact de l’information sur la santé et l'environnement sur la volonté de payer pour les aliments fonctionnels : le cas d'un nouveau produit avec de l’Aloe Vera
in : Nutrients, (2019), vol. 11, n° 11. 2781. 16 p.
More information

Cairns, R. D. ; Del Campo, S. ; Martinet, V.
Sustainability of an economy relying on two reproducible assets
Soutenabilité d’une économie reposant sur deux actifs renouvelables
in : Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, (2019), vol. 101. pp. 145-160.
More information

Dakpo, K. H.; Desjeux, Y.; Jeanneaux, P.; Latruffe, L.
Productivity, technical efficiency and technological change in French agriculture during 2002-2015: a Färe-Primont index decomposition using group frontiers and meta-frontier
in : Applied Economics, (2019), vol. 51, n° 11. pp. 1166-1182.
More information

Dakpo, H.K.; Jeanneaux, P.; Latruffe, L.
Pollution-adjusted productivity changes: extending the färe–primont index with an illustration with french suckler Cow farms
in : Environmental Modeling & Assessment, vol. 24, n° 6. pp. 625-639.
More information

Dakpo, H.K.; Oude Lansink, A.
Dynamic pollution-adjusted inefficiency under the by-production of bad outputs
in : European Journal of Operational Research, (2019), vol. 276, n° 1. pp. 202-211.
More information

Dupoux, M.
The land use change time-accounting failure
in : Ecological Economics, (2019), vol. 164. pp. 1-15.
More information

Elegbede, C. F.; Papadopoulos, A.; Just, J.; Moneret-Vautrin, D. A.; Deschildre, A.; Crepet, A.
Gender, prick test size and rAra h 2 sIgE level may predict the eliciting dose in patients with peanut allergy: Evidence from the Mirabel survey
in : Clinical and Experimental Allergy, (2019), vol. 49, n° 5. pp. 677-689.
More information

Espinosa, M.; Louhichi, K.; Perni, A.; Ciaian, P.
EU‐Wide Impacts of the 2013 CAP Direct Payments Reform: A Farm‐Level Analysis
Impacts à l'échelle de l'UE des paiements directs de la réforme de la PAC de 2013: une analyse au niveau de la ferme
in : Applied Economic Perspectives and Policy,(2019), First online. pp. 1-21.
More information

de Gavelle, E.; Leroy, P.; Perrimon, M.; Huneau, J.-F.; Sirot, V.; Orset, C.; Fouillet, H.; Soler, L. G.; Mariotti, F.
Modelled gradual changes in protein intake to increase nutrient adequacy lead to greater sustainability when systematically targeting an increase in the share of plant protein
in : Climatic Change, (2019), 21 p. Online article.
More information

Gésan-Guiziou, G.; Alaphilippe, A.; Andro, M.; Aubin, J.; Bockstaller, C.; Botreau, R.; Buche, P.; Collet, C.; Darmon, N.; Delabuis, M.; Girard, A.; Grateau, R.; Kansou, K.; Martinet, V.; Membre, J. M.; Sabbadin, R.; Soler, L. G.; Thiollet-Scholtus, M.; Tonda, A.; Van-Der-Werf, H.
Annotation data about multi criteria assessment methods used in the agri-food research: The french national institute for agricultural research (INRA) experience
in : Data in Brief, (2019), vol. 25. Art. 104204
More information

Gouel, C.; Guimbard, H.
Nutrition Transition and the Structure of Global Food Demand
in : American Journal of Agricultural Economics, (2019), vol. 101, n° 2. pp. 383-403.
More information

Marchal, L.; Nedoncelle, C.
Immigrants, occupations and firm export performance
Immigrés, ccupations et performance à l’exportation des entreprises
in : Review of International Economics, (2019), vol. 27, n° 5. pp. 1480-1509.
More information

Marette, S.
Les effets du Nutri-Score en France sur le consentement-à-payer des consommateurs à faible revenu
The impact of traffic lights on willingness-to-pay for consumers with low income
in : Décisions Marketing , (2019), n° 96 (Octobre-Décembre). pp. 69-88.

Marette, S.
The Ambiguous Impact of Information Related to Fish Sustainability
To be published in : Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization, (2019)
More information

Marette, S. ; Nabec, L. ; Durieux, F.
Improving Nutritional Quality of Consumers’ Food Purchases With Traffic-Lights Labels: An Experimental Analysis
Améliorer la qualité nutritionnelle des achats alimentaires des consommateurs avec des feux de signalisation : une analyse expérimentale
in : Journal of Consumer Policy, (2019). pp. 1-19
More information

Mosnier, C.; Britz, W.; Julliere, T.; De Cara, S.; Jayet, P.-A.; Havlík, P.; Frank, S.; Mosnier, A.
Greenhouse gas abatement strategies and costs in French dairy production
in : Journal of Cleaner Production, (2019), vol. 236, art. UNSP 117589.
More information

Mouysset, L. ; Rais Assa, C. ; Ay, J.-S. ; Jiguet, F. ; Lorrilière, R. ; Doyen, L.
Bioeconomic impacts of agroforestry policies in France
in : Land Use Policy, (2019), vol. 85. pp. 239-248
More information

Mutel, C.; Liao, X.; Patouillard, L.; Bare, J.; Fantke, P.; Frischknecht, R.; Hauschild, M.; Jolliet, O.; de Souza, D. M.; Laurent, A.; Pfister, S.; Verones, F.
Overview and recommendations for regionalized life cycle impact assessment
in : International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, (2019), vol. 24, n° 5. pp. 856-865.
More information

Orset, C.
How travellers are responding to environmental policies for reducing air pollution?
Quels sont les impacts des politiques de santé et environnementales pour réduire la pollution de l'air sur les comportements des voyageurs ?
in : Ecological Economics, (2019), vol. 156. pp. 68-82
More information

Poquet, D. ; Ginon, E. ; Goubel, B. ; Chabanet, C. ; Marette, S. ; Issanchou, S. ; Monnery Patris, S.
Impact of a front-of-pack nutritional traffic-light label on the nutritional quality and the hedonic value of mid-afternoon snacks chosen by mother-child dyads
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